Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unbiased coverage from CNN (sarcasm)

A quick snapshot (on just one day) to better illustrate the liberal bias in the Mainstream Media. A CNN reporter covers the Chicago Tea Party. Amazing! So much for non-bias coverage.

CNN Reporter: "What does liberty have to do with taxes?" ha! classic! Why can't you be happy with your $400 a year? I have not seen a better illustration of what Democrats believe vs what Republicans believe.


So, when liberals burn American flags, smear the military and compare Bush to Hitler, it's free speech. When conservatives protest excessive taxation & spending its offensive. Got it.

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Drew (again) said...

However, dems don't blow up dereal buildings, abortion clinics, nor shout "hang 'em" or "kill him" at campaign rallies.

Sure, this was "fair and balanced"

Somewhere the Raul Paul people openly weep as their original protests were highjacked by right wing nuts. Slamming taxes after the largest tax cut in history seems to be off message. But we know what really was going on. Sour grapes, and maybe a bit of racism.