Friday, April 17, 2009

All for AMERICA song

All for America

The butcher and the baker the biker and the Quaker

Soldiers, Lawmakers “Of thee I sing”

Collectivism left behind for Free Markets & Free Minds

It was the blessing for all mankind: “Let Freedom Ring”

Much to their surprise

We held our fire ‘til the whites of their eyes

We tore at tyranny’s disguise

Now finally we realize

We did it all for America

The Constitution’s not a “living thing” Thatcher, Reagan, JFK & Dr. King

Fought till everyone heard freedom’s ring, and individual’s rights

Reject oppressive policy. The Truth is never easy

Wrap yourselves in Liberty. Fight that fight!

God they did beseech

Thought of their mother’s when they took that beach

Freedom’s still not out of reach

It takes more than a pretty speech

They did it all for America

It’s God’s Will

To be the “shining city upon the hill”

Until we all fulfill

the promise on the dollar bill

We are all for America

© 2009 Tony O’Donnell


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