Friday, August 29, 2008



This VP pick is brilliant!

Watch the DEMS squirm!

See their true positions exposed!

Issues now on the table the Obama campaign must face…

The Status Quo in Washington DC and Obama's sole claim to "change."

The true background story of their own candidate! Palin is the real deal and wont have to send out surrogates to silence anyone who questions her past.

For DEMS only LIBERALS can achieve "firsts." They don't actually support women and minorities - just LIBERAL women and minorities. (See also Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Condi Rice, Michelle Malkin, Elizabeth Farah, Micheal Steele, etc). N.O.W. has already denounced Palin. So, they defend Bill Clinton, and attack Sarah Palin. Hmmm

Their votes and true positions on Iraq War (her son is being deployed soon)
Must admit the surge worked and U.S. is going to win.


True positions on Gun Control (Obama is against citizens owning firearms and has publicly spoken to this repeatedly)

Domestic drilling for oil (Alaska was brought into the Union specifically for their NATURAL RESOURCES)

Free markets as the most fair system - highlighting all the past failings of the DEMS

Principles FOR things and not merely AGAINST things

Obama's position(s) on Partial Birth Abortion (see also Jill Stanek) and his voting record in the Illinois Senate.

Here are the things DEMS will attack her on (further exposing themselves):

She has a special needs child and as VP will be a bad mother. (Imagine a REP saying this) Equal rights DEMS have to campaign against a woman and mother.
She used position to exact revenge on personal rival. (once) Please Google “Clintons”
Former Beauty Queen
(no prob here)


Good Job John McCain! You have given me someone to vote for this November.

Her name is Sarah Palin.