Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's a Miracle!!! Not that we're winning the War, but that AP is reporting it!!

The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost.

With this one amazing headline the Associated Press burst the bubble of the Democrats in Congress, and lifted the hopes of American Conservatives and people throughout the world who yearn for freedom, liberty and the power to create their own destiny.


I for one cannot begin to describe my utter disbelief in the mere fact this was even reported. Most of us under the age of 40 stopped getting their news from the “old media” long ago, and we already knew of the surge’s success. But for the lifeblood of the liberal media to proclaim the Iraq War won??? Truly remarkable. Especially because you just KNOW they were dragged kicking and screaming towards the truth:

AP Article:



Their Reasoning:



This is not to say that I enjoy saying “I told you so” to my friends and family, but I told you so. Typically I like to remain silent when I am shown to be correct on political and moral issues of the day, as I could never create the epic shame and embarrassment others will have when reminded of their own statements regarding this issue. I cannot remain silent in this case. Here are actual quotes from people I know and love:

“We are an imperialist country – going to war to lower oil prices.” Wrong

America is more hated now because of this war.” Wrong

“They will find WMD’s no matter what… if they aren’t there they will be planted there.” Wrong

“The elections in Iraq are a sham.” Wrong

“This war is illegal” Huh? Wrong

“Bush is just like Hitler” Wrong Shamefully wrong.

I will merely bask in the glow of being correct.

I will (once again) rely on the conservative side of the issue being proved to be both the correct stance AND to occupy the moral high ground. The Democrats should be so very ashamed. How do they look into the eye of a military parent? To quote Brit Hume "They didn't get it just a little wrong. They got it completely wrong."


I will sleep well tonight knowing that, after I make political statements, I can look myself in the mirror. That is all I need.


N E W small

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LGF - Al Jazeera is a Disgrace!

And to think NPR is all in favor of this network being seen in America. Vile propaganda is NOT Free Speech.

Posted on Little Green Footballs.

Video: Al Jazeera Throws Party for Child Killer

Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 9:07:22 am PDT

This depraved show alone should prevent Al Jazeera from ever being picked up by US cable channels, as the Arab “news network” throws a birthday party for released terrorist Samir Kuntar—who shot a child’s father in front of her, then bashed the child’s brains out with a rifle butt.

It’s almost unbelievable. They’ve let their thirst for blood and lack of decency trump even their political ends this time.

(Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

Click picture to play video. Requires Windows Media Player; Mac users should install Flip4Mac.

Following are excerpts from a birthday party organized by Al-Jazeera TV for released Lebanese terrorist Samir Al-Quntar. Al-Jazeera TV aired this segment on July 19, 2008

Interviewer: Brother Samir, we would like to celebrate your birthday with you. You deserve even more than this. I think that 11,000 prisoners – if they can see this program now – are celebrating your birthday with you. Happy birthday, brother Samir.

Samir Al-Quntar: Thank you.

Interviewer: Go ahead... There is a picture here... If the camera can show this... Let’s cut it... Does the camera show this clearly or not? We have a picture here... This is the sword of the Arabs, Samir. Don’t cut the picture, cut on the side.

Samir Al-Quntar: Here’s Abu Qassam [Marwan Barghouti].

Interviewer: Marwan is here.

Samir Al-Quntar: Abu Qassam is here with Ahmad Sa’dat. That’s our prison warden...

Interviewer: This one?

Samir Al-Quntar: Yes.

Interviewer: What is the warden’s name?

Samir Al-Quntar: His name is... Never mind.

Interviewer: This is when you were released. Here you are with Wafiq Safa.

Samir Al-Quntar: Yes, this is Wafiq Safa. This is the most beautiful picture – with Hassan Nasrallah. This is the most beautiful picture. There cannot be anything more beautiful. Me and the secretary-general – the most beautiful picture of me ever taken.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Generally Speaking


"Why, my soldiers asked of me, surrender military advantages to an enemy in the field? I could not answer." Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Why don't the Generals of the U.S. Military give public speeches anymore? There are scores of great speeches, old audio and film clips, books, etc. documenting the passion and sometimes brilliance of these military leaders under the direst of circumstances.

We still have great Generals. Gen David Patraeus makes his detractors look foolish each and every time he speaks to Congress, and even Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf had some good one liners. “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.” Here here!

Have you noticed the silence of the Monday Morning Quarterback Democrat Generals these days? Come to think of it, are we still in Iraq? I never hear about it anymore on TV or in the newspapers. Oh, yeah... we are winning. The surge worked.

The media is a disgrace.

"But once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very object is victory, not prolonged indecision.

In war there is no substitute for victory.

There are some who for varying reasons would appease Red China. They are blind to history's clear lesson, for history teaches with unmistakable emphasis that appeasement but begets new and bloodier war. It points to no single instance where this end has justified that means, where appeasement had led to more than a sham peace." Gen Douglas MacArthur

"Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men." Gen. George Patton

"Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men." Gen. George Patton

General Patton

"Americans never quit." General Douglas MacArthur

Unfortunately this was uttered prior to Vietnam, Somalia, and the current War in Iraq. Let us learn from history and re-start the habit of "never quitting" again.

"I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." Gen. George Patton

In the end, Iraqis will decide the outcome of this struggle. Our task is to help them gain the time they need to save their country. To do that, many of us will live and fight alongside them. Together, we will face down the terrorists, insurgents and criminals who slaughter the innocent. Success will require discipline, fortitude and initiative - qualities that you have in abundance."
Gen. David Petraeus


“We have our teeth into the jugular, and we need to keep it there.”
-- Gen. David Petraeus


"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf"


There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.
Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), Italian political philosopher, statesman.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

No one Died when Clinton Lied? Really???

Sigh. This morning I saw another one of those "No one Died when Clinton Lied" bumper stickers. People who, to this day, defend Bill Clinton amaze me. They also prove the point that Democrats are BORN, not made.

In 38 years of life I have come to the realization that Democrats are born, not made. No one could live in this county, watch the news, see how businesses work, taxes are collected, services dolled out, schools function, etc and become a Democrat. Their political positions have simply been proven wrong too many times for this to be so.

Stereotypes are wrong and judgmental, but they are also most likely TRUE. So here is a list of the people who vote for Democrats. People vote Democrat because:

1. Their parents did

2. They are under 30

3. They have never opened or run a business

4. They are part of academia (especially universities)

5. They rely on Government for their livelihood (local, state or federal and the exceptions prove the rule)

6. They belong to a Labor Union

7. They make less than 30K annually and pay no income taxes

8. They belong to one of the following so-called “minority groups”

a. Homosexuals (except the AWESOME Log Cabin Republicans)

b. Feminists (you know, the ones who condemned Clarence Thomas and defended Bill Clinton)

c. Hispanics (except Cuban-Americans)

d. Blacks (and I will NEVER understand this one)

e. Peaceniks

f. Enviromentalists

Republicans / Conservatives champion the individual, while Democrats / Liberals champion groups. Simple. True. Really true.


Just look at the picture from the '04 convention... look at who the leaders of the DEM party are... (and remember this is before the Pelosi/Reid congress and we have yet to hear the Media report on the John Edwards love child scandal)!


Friday, July 4, 2008

The Letter


Funny... I have never seen, read or heard about this letter. I'll bet many voters haven't either.

I will never, ever vote for a DEM ever again.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Senator Jim "Webb a Crite" and Delahunt shows true colors!

From The Hill via Sweetness & Light:

ConservOpunk note: Didn't Reagan fire Webb after only 10 months as Secretary of the Navy? Just checking. First the disgraceful Wesley Clark and now Jim Webb... jeez Louise. I want to see that famous McCain temper flair up a bit on this one...

Webb To McCain: Calm Down About Service

July 1st, 2008

This was the first campaign ad Mr. Webb ran in his campaign for Senate two short years ago:


This ad introduces Virginians to Jim’s exceptional record of service to our country, a record of service our opponent, George Allen, simply cannot match. What we’ve learned over and over again in this campaign is that when voters learn about Jim Webb, they’re ready to support Jim. They realize Jim is the "soldier, scholar, leader" we need to get our country back on track. And Jim is a leader Virginians can be proud of.

But that was then and this is now.

From The Hill:

Webb: McCain Should ‘Calm Down’ on Using Military Service

by Walter Alarkon

July 1, 2008

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) waded into the debate over John McCain’s military service Monday to say that the Republican should avoid using military service in politics.

Webb, a Barack Obama supporter, was on MSNBC’s "Countdown" to talk about his G.I. Bill to increase education benefits for returning veterans which is now law. Webb criticized both McCain and President Bush for not supporting the bill. Then, unprompted, Webb weighed in on the debate over retired Gen. Wesley Clark’s remark that "riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down" isn’t "a qualification to be president."

"I think what we really need to work on over the next four, five months, and it goes back to the speech that Sen. Obama gave [Tuesday] and this little fight that I’ve been watching and that is, we need to make sure that we take politics out of service," Webb said. "People don’t serve their country for political issues."

He continued: "And John McCain’s my long-time friend, if that is one area that I would ask him to calm down on, it’s that, don’t be standing up and uttering your political views and implying that all the people in the military support them because they don’t, any more than when the Democrats have political issues during the Vietnam War. Let’s get the politics out of the military, take care of our military people, or have our political arguments in other areas."

We are no McCain fans, but:

John McCain’s my long-time friend, if that is one area that I would ask him to calm down on, it’s that, don’t be standing up and uttering your political views and implying that all the people in the military support them because they don’t…

When has he ever done this?

No, what Mr. Webb is saying is "shut up about your military service." It’s not important.

But what else did Mr. Webb ever run on, besides his vaunted military service — and ‘Macaca’?

From Newt Gingrich (I heard it on Mark Levin):

Congressman Delahunt Should Apologize or Face Expulsion from Congress

By far and away the most sour note struck this Independence Day holiday was the outrageously irresponsible and un-American comments made by Congressman William Delahunt (D-Mass.) to vice presidential chief of staff David Addington in a hearing last week.

Rep. Delahunt repeatedly asked Mr. Addington about the use of waterboarding when interrogating enemy combatants. Mr. Addington replied that he could not discuss interrogation techniques because, as he said, "al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN."

"Right," Delahunt responded. "Well, I'm sure they are watching, and I'm glad they finally have the chance to see you, Mr. Addington." View this disgraceful exchange for yourself here.

For his unconscionable expression of pleasure at the prospect of murderous al Qaeda being able to identify an American public servant, Rep. Delahunt, in the very least, owes Mr. Addington an apology. If he refuses to apologize, his colleagues in Congress should move to expel him. There is no place in Congress for a pro-al Qaeda, anti-American public official.

MORE from Power Line:


disgraceful delahunt

NEW vision???

Hey, why aren't we hearing anything about IRAQ anymore? Just wondering (yes, yes, I do know the answer). Okay, lets continue the education of America on Obama and his "vision" for energy in this country.

Here is a great feature from KTLK Minneapolis, MN (Jason Lewis filled in for "el Rush bo" today)

Barack Obama's NEW vision on energy?

Friday 06-27-2008 9:00am CT

Barack Obama keeps telling us he is about change, but why does his energy speech in Albuquerque sound familiar? Maybe because Jimmy Carter told us the same thing in 1977 in his address to the nation and again in 1979 in his "Malaise" speech. Listen to the bytes below.

Click link:

1977 Address to Nation:
Click Here for Byte #1
Click Here for Byte #2
Click Here for Byte #3
Click Here for Byte #4
Click Here for Byte #5
Click Here for Byte #6
Click Here for Byte #7
Click Here for Byte #8

1979 Malaise Speech:

Click Here for Byte #1
Click Here for Byte #2

Hmmmmmm... the more things CHANGE, the more they stay the same!