Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TEA PARTY DAY? Questions Answered.

A friend asked me specifically what I will be protesting tomorrow on APR 15 tax day, at the "Tea Party" here in Tallahassee.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:55:11 AM
Subject: Re: Tea Party (answering your question)

We are protesting the overall burden of immoral (yes it is a moral issue) Federal, State and Local taxation which goes beyond the legitimate role of government.

We are protesting our President's continued use of shell game figures to declare they are "cutting the deficit in half" after he multiplies it BY FOUR.

We are protesting the administrations words vs deed. Words: flowery feel good rhetoric. Deeds: payback to the Democrat constituencies. (UAW, NEA, Trial Lawyers, Environmentalists etc.) "We support the military" yet they slash their budget and even advocated eliminating their govt funded medical benefits.

We are protesting BOTH attempts to bail out a US car company, spending BILLIONS, only to see them end up in Bankruptcy anyway (which they should have been in the first place). This restructuring will only continue a failed business model 1. cars that don't sell & 2. 90,000 employees, and nearly 2 million former employees who will have their pensions and benefits paid for the rest of their lives at our expense. Look in the eyes of the person who planned on retiring this year, only to see his 401K cut in half, and explain why citizens tax dollars should be used for this purpose.

Finally, we are protesting because (As I say) "punk can come from the right" Since "the man" is now a huge federal bureaucracy, to oppose their current power grab is punk indeed.


Mark Levin beautifully illustrates the main point of Federalism and the 10th Amendment: MOBILITY. If you live in a place that does not suit the needs of you and your family, you are free to MOVE to another state in the Union. If the Federal Govt makes every state virtually the same, then you have no recourse.

This is the last word as far as I am concerned and should be a non-partisan issue. (of course it isn't, as Liberals are ideologues who will never admit to being wrong even when staring at a mountain of facts).

the Governor of Texas follows Jindal, Palin and other level headed, common sense driven state leaders:


CD out soon. "Punk can come from the Right"


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Drew said...

Where were these protests the last 8 years when the defecit ran up?

I see allot of people that are protesting against there own interests being led by the charlatans of Levin, Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh. Or is it vieled racism?

The current administration inherited this mess. These buffoons make it seem like Obama did this in less than 100 days.

You Tony, are a stand up guy. These Bozo's that are the vocal "talking heads" for this movement are making your legitimate right to protest seem like a Nazi rally.