Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letter to the Editor

A Mind Numbingly Stupid Zing!

This is a concerned citizen responding to the most brain-dead preposterously off base zing I have ever come across in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. Liberals have no actual skills in debate other than to call the conservative “dumb” or to label them in some nefarious manner. When actual ideas are discussed the Dems have no substance to speak of. None. But the trotting out of the good old, “we don’t understand you so we must attack you” argument is truly worrisome.

How many HUGE examples of American grace and triumph over the tyrannies and evils of the world have to occur before the leftists abandon their tired and provably wrong positions on world affairs? Lets see… just off the top of my head, the liberals were proven WRONG on:

The USA entering WWII

The result of us leaving Vietnam

The removal of the Shaw of Iran ushering in the terrorist state we now see

The USA winning the cold war and defeating the Soviets

The effectiveness of the Star Wars defense system (recently tested last week and it worked! Again! No mention in these pages I would guess)

The treatment of al Queda as a criminal organization and not a serious wartime threat (remember 1993 when they first tried to topple the WTC? Oh wait are we allowed to mention that)?

The USA losing “more than 10,000 troops the first week” of the Iraq war

And these are just the foreign policy positions where liberals have been proven wrong. I could go on and bring up their silly positions on the economy, healthcare, public schools, taxes, the environment, the “rich” etc. That’s too obvious. Well, perhaps not. Smart, well meaning Black Americans still go into the booth on Election Day and just look for the “D” (over 85%) over and over again - which I cannot for the life of me understand. Perhaps someone can zing about that one.

I hereby challenge the buffoon who broke off with the “we attack people we don’t understand” zing to watch the Daniel Pearl or any other be-heading and try to draw a moral equivalence between us and them. Then you can state your morally bankrupt and completely false premise and throw words like “imperialism” and “neo con” (whatever that means) around.

I Love America. We are the greatest most tolerant nation on Earth and we need to stop apologizing and challenge these left wing fools right away.


Tony O’Donnell


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rush to auction smear letter on ebay...? CLASSIC

Ebay limbaugh smear

the Ebay link to bid: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=260170172469&Category=4105

This is a classic example of when dumb people think they are outsmarting smart people. That is, dumb, ultra liberal socialist senators try to outsmart an uber successful conservative and patriot.

Hillary Clinton signed off on this smear letter. Unreal. Where are the Reagan Democrats? What is going on here? Clinton and now Gore now support a one payer top down healthcare system? Do we really want to become a true socialist nation? Seriously now!

Perhaps this will generate so much publicity that even the slowest, most Bush bashing-est big libs will finally see the true colors of their representation in the congress and vote these people out! Especially Hilary Clinton.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jimmy Carter's latest

Jimmy Carter’s latest and greatest…

Ah CNN, providing insight into the minds of liberal, quasi-socialists since 1980:

In a recent CNN interview, former president Jimmy Carter was at it again. Always good for some anti-American jabs and kissing up to the latest tyrannical dictator (see Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, etc) Carter is good fodder for discussion, were he not so listened to and admired by the mainstream media and liberals whose vote counts as much as mine.

Jimmy Carter? I mean, Good Grief! What is the fascination? I loved and respected his efforts with his Habitat for Humanity program but he has stepped far beyond anything I can imagine. In responding to a softball question from the always delightful Wolf Blitzer, Carter provided this laugher - “well on Sept 11 George Bush was in the White House and the Republicans were in control. Under Clinton we were kept safe.” I almost fell out of my chair! This is like saying Clinton kept you safe while they brought out the cannon, loaded it and then aimed it at your head, but Bush was in charge when they yelled “fire!” So there!

This frail and stubborn ex President has thrown out all conscience and spews forth anti-American bile all over the world and on mainstream news shows regularly. Where does Carter get the moxie to cut down the U.S. and its allies? (Especially Israel. Jeez Louise). He is constantly talking down the greatest country ever conceived by man. He, along with Clinton for that matter, continues to show no class as they ignore longstanding tradition in criticizing a sitting President and Commander in Chief. Carter’s defense of Clinton is laughable at best and shameful at worst.

This is a can of worms that current Dems cannot be happy Carter has re-opened. But since he has… let us now review the Clinton record on National Security and his keeping Americans safe from terrorism. Enjoy!

Under the Clinton administration we saw:

February 26, 1993, the first attempt to topple the World Trade Center: 6 deaths and 1,042 injured – this one really baffles me as it is never mentioned these days at all.

1993, the bloodied corpse of a U.S. serviceman dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by a mob of rabid Somalis
June 25, 1996, the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia: 20 deaths and 372 injured

The 1996 decision to refuse the Sudan's offer to hand Osama bin Laden over to American authorities. Clinton believed there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute bin Laden. What about simply killing him? Hmmm. Clinton himself at a dinner in New York recently confessed his failure to respond to Sudan's initiative as "the biggest mistake of my presidency."
August 7, 1998, the attacks on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania: 12 U.S. deaths out of a total of 223 deaths; 12 U.S. injured out of a total of over 4,000 injured
October 12, 2000, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen: 17 deaths; 39 injured
September 11, 2001, the attacks in New York and Washington (occurred during Bush presidency but planned during Clinton administration): 2,975 deaths and 24 missing. (1)

An AJC Creative Loafing article sheds light on some of the more glaring policy errors in this area:

Exhibit A: The Federal Aviation Administration, during the Clinton years, was repeatedly warned by experts of the big holes that existed in security systems designed to protect commercial planes from terrorists. In a recent report on "60 Minutes," an expert involved in a clandestine project to check the system found that security was breached more than 90 percent of the time during some tests. Yet the FAA continued to insist that security was adequate. Writers note: Big Govt = Big problems as a result of = the “CYA” phenomenon.

Exhibit B: Clinton's CIA director issued an edict that prohibited the agency from employing anyone suspected of human rights abuses or serious criminal activity as an informant overseas. Given that terrorists don't generally travel in circles of sweetness and light, many intelligence analysts believe this prohibition made it almost impossible to infiltrate their networks. Writers note: Is this is first time “sweetness and light” is used in the media?

This restriction forced us to rely more on electronic surveillance (which can tell us where people and stuff are) and less on human intelligence (which we need to tell us what those people plan to do with that stuff). Thus did squishy liberal idealism backfire in the heat of the real world. As usual. Writers note: This type of surveillance has been the policy of law enforcement for decades. It is only when applied to the military and combating terrorism that the libs go into their protests on these methods. Even more ironic in that the Dems want to treat terrorism as a criminal matter!

Exhibit C: Some experts who have probed the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center found links between that attack and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein -- links critics insist were downplayed by the Clinton administration to avoid a potentially sticky and dangerous crisis with our old foe. We don't yet know if Saddam had anything to do with the recent attacks. If it turns out he did, we might conclude that our tepid response eight years ago wasn't helpful. Writers note: I personally do not think Saddam had anything to do with 9-11 and I still fully believe in and currently support the war in Iraq and the outcomes it brings. Not the least of which is Saddam’s demise.

Exhibit D: After the 1998 attacks on U.S. embassies in East Africa, the United States launched an attack on Osama bin Laden, sending cruise missiles to blow up a few of his tents. He survived and, with no further action taken against him, apparently struck again with much more ferocity and closer to home. Writers note: Recall that this occurred right after Clinton formally apologized for slavery! Clinton then ordered that diversionary missile attack…alert! This is called foreshadowing!

More fun tidbits:

Clinton National Security director Sandy Berger caught red-handed STEALING National Archives documents including a of the White House "after-action" report that he himself had commissioned, while still National Security director, to assess the Clinton administration's performance in responding to the so-called millennium terrorist threat before New Year's 2000. (3) This memo must be so damning to the administration that Berger would risk prison time to cover up… oh, wait he is a Democrat so he got to plead to a lesser crime and no jail time. Berger now serves as key advisor in the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. Wow!

The administrations unconscionable ignoring of the cries for help as more than 800,000 human beings are slaughtered in the Sudan. Clinton even called off a planned assist by the U.N. who amazingly wanted to intervene and do something meaningful for a change. Oh, just an FYI for all the people who claim Clinton as the “first black president” – the Sudan is in Africa and those human beings were… black!

The foreshadowing follow up. Did any of you notice how I made all of these great points without even mentioning the word “scandal?” Monica (and the scores of other lady accusers, N.O.W., etc) can thank me later. Let’s just say jumping from scandal to scandal could have had an effect on Clinton taking his eye off the ball. Those diversionary missiles and trip to Africa were attempts to divert attention away from the Lewinski affair. That aside, even with both eyes on the ball Clinton’s liberal views and ineptitude in dealing with terrorism led us to where we are today.

Jimmy Carter likes to bad mouth the Bush administration as an attempt to sway attention away from Clinton’s failings and his own dubious distinction as the worst ever U.S. President. After all, his policies in getting the Shaw of Iran out ushered in the modern day, terrorist heavy Middle East we have at present. Carter never met a dictator he didn’t like and he never met a legitimate United States proactive military action he agreed with. Oh, except that brilliant attempt at rescuing our hostages in Iran.

(1) Insight Magazine

(2) AJC: Creative Loafing

(3) World Net Daily

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where were you that fateful morning?

Where were you that fateful morning?

Tony O’Donnell

I remember where I was that morning. I woke up in the bedroom of my house I rented in Tallahassee, FL along with 4 other roommates. It was a typical day – up late, trying to plan the day and shake off the night before.

We turned on the news and sat stunned at what we saw. New York City. There was massive smoke, ash and debris pouring out of the World Trade Center. Firefighters and Police were furiously running around trying to maintain order and calm the obviously terrified citizens, all knowing that at any moment more damage to the tower could manifest itself as a total building collapse. Not too mention one tower toppling into the other killing over 250,000 people. This troubling point was not lost on us as we discussed the potential horror ahead.

“They had better get everyone out of those towers!” I remember someone saying. No one replied. We were all simply too scared to talk and admittedly drawn towards the TV in an attempt to get any information at all, and to bare witness to this entire spectacle unfolding in front of our eyes. Who would do this? Who could pull something like this off? Why were we taken so off guard?

The building suffered massive structural damage after the initial attack. The blast cut off the center's main electrical power line and cut off telephone service for much of lower Manhattan. The bomb caused smoke to rise up to the 93rd floor of both towers, and cut off the towers' four stairwells and emergency lighting system. Also as a result of the loss of electricity most of New York City's radio and television stations lost their over-the-air broadcast signal for almost a week, with television stations only being able to broadcast via cable and satellite via a microwave hookup between the stations and three of the New York area's largest cable companies, Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable.

The terrorists reportedly wanted the smoke to remain in the tower, therefore catching the public eye by smothering people inside, killing them slowly. He anticipated Tower One collapsing onto Tower Two. Later on after the investigation of the attack it was revealed that the terrorists received financing from al-Qaeda. Leader Khaled Shaikh Mohammed admitted that the World Trade Center attack was an act of terrorism, but that this was justified because "the terrorism that Israel practices (which America supports) must be faced with a similar one." (1)

At this point my head was spinning with the notion that we are seen as this “great Satan” to much of the Middle Eastern world. Remember that most of these areas are vastly poor and completely uneducated regions of the world. Mark Steyn recently spoke to this point on an interview with Mark Levin when he cited statistics showing that Spain had translated more books in the past year than most Middle Eastern countries had in the past 1000 years. This helps to understand the lack of reason in this area of the world but does not in any way excuse unprovoked attacks on U.S. citizens.

Bottom Line: America is not the problem, it is the solution. Until the Middle East (and the rest of the civilized world for that matter) understands and accepts this simple principle we are in for a long and dangerous ride. How many times must we defend the principles of LIBERTY and Free Markets? We as Americans can pursue any avenue we so choose. We are not restrained by anything except our own personal work ethic and drive to succeed. Capitalism has its inherent “evils” of inequity, but these pale when compared with the Communist model or outright Fascist rule. Top down big government that comes in disguise to help “the children” or “the poor” does the very opposite by continuing to create masses of people dependant on the government for their very way of life. America is a great country filled with decent and wonderful people.

Yet we are attacked by terrorists who would rather cut off the head of a captured American journalist to make their point than enter into any type of discussion or negotiation. These people are still in the dark ages for all practical purposes, so any debate would be folly. Only a pro-active “War on Terror” (although I hate that phrase) will ultimately rid the world of these murderous zealots. We must stand together on this principle. This is after all the MAIN role of our Federal Government, the protection of its citizens.

The attack on the World Trade Center was truly a horrible and unprecedented event in U.S. history.

I remember where I was that morning.

The morning of February 26, 1993. The morning of the FIRST attack on the World Trade Center.

(1) Wikapedia.org excerpts

Thursday, October 4, 2007

the liberal media - - REAL. Believe it. Fear it.

Tony O's random sampling of the "so called liberal media" –

All in the past 2-3 weeks! WOW!

The Marines facing charges in connection with the alleged massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha two years ago were cleared of wrongdoing Thursday. No credible evidence was found showing the soldiers did anything criminal.

No retraction from TIME magazine and virtually no coverage of this whatsoever.

Key Democrat campaign donor Norman Hsu is currently sitting in prison on 15 year old grand theft and various other charges. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will give to charity the $23,000 in donations she has received from a fundraiser who is wanted in California for failing to appear for sentencing on a 1991 grand theft charge.

The decision came Wednesday as other Democrats began distancing themselves from Norman Hsu, whose legal encounters and links to other Democratic donors have drawn public scrutiny in the past two days. Al Franken, a Senate candidate in Minnesota, Reps. Michael Honda and Doris Matsui of California and Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania said they would divest their campaigns of Hsu's donations.

Since 2004, one Norman Hsu has been carving out a prominent place of honor among Democratic fundraisers. He has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions into party coffers, much of it earmarked for presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

If this was a Republican donor this story would be off the charts! Front page daily.

AIDS conference features President Bush in effigy with blood on his hands and administration health officials are booed of stage. The Bush administration has given more money to fund AIDS research in the U.S. and even in preventative programs in Africa than any other administration. This is why Republicans should forever shed their "compassionate conservative" approach: they get absolutely no credit and are always painted as uptight and unable to deal with issues like this.

This information and statistics are right there in the public record but are never featured in stories in the national media

The New York Times printing the "General Betray us" ad. This hilariously offensive full page ad ran under the discounted "advocacy rate" and saved the Clinton front group moveon.org 100K in costs. In the past The Times has refused to run other "advocacy ads" from the Swiftboat Vets for Truth, the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life organizations (which would obviously be on the conservative side). The fact the ad is not even remotely truthful or accurate in the least and smears a highly honorable and distinguish military leader misses an important point. This printing did not even lead to any of the Democrat Presidential candidates to disavow themselves from this ad. To her credit Nancy Pelosi (amazingly) did condemn this attack ad publicly.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There can no longer be this notion of "supporting the troops but not the mission." I don't care what political party you belong to, this ad is repulsive and remember that all the major DEM candidates for the Presidency spoke at the moveon.org convention and gobble up their donation money. What a joke.

When my daughter grows up and this ad shows up in a history text book someplace, I want to be able to answer her proudly when she asks me "Dad, what did you do when the NY Times ran this moveon.org ad?"

The proposed visit by Iranian President Ahmadinejad to NY City and ground zero further illustrates the "do you like your country" premise. This is the leader of a country currently training fighters to go into Iraq and kill US troops. By US troops I mean people… someone's FAMILY MEMBER. Iran is a longtime state sponsor of terrorism and uses their puppet arm Hezbollah to execute terror attacks in Israel and other democratic and other US allied nations.

His visitation request was denied, but then we look to the Ivy League (naturally) to find another hypocrisy gone amok. Columbia University has formally invited the Iranian leader to speak as a guest of honor at their campus. This is unbelievable in all respects. They do this in the quest of "free speech" when anyone with a conservative bent gets booed off the stage or as in the case of the leader of the minutemen, gets assaulted and cannot even speak at all. The historical implications of this make this latest insult even more alarming when you consider Columbia invited Nazis to speak on campus and attended events in their honor in the past. Unreal.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Compare coverage of Republican scandals and Democrat scandals. Sordid hypocrisy versus private issues or even celebration of being brave.

Where are the Hispanic groups challenging the unconstitutional drubbing of Alberto Gonzales? Where are the Black American groups celebrating the success of powerful national figures like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell?

When Democrats bring up people like Foley and Craig, simply answer that if they did anything criminal they should be prosecuted and sent to prison. Period. Then sit back and watch their minds try to reconcile their shameful defense of Bill Clinton in all of the "private matters" of that day, including the 52 counts of federal perjury. I voted for Clinton TWICE as he was the best candidate, but cannot square this and cannot get over the fact he pointed at me on TV and lied to my face.

Things That are Stupid

Reality TV shows

$6 cups of coffee


People who don’t get South Park

People who think their college football rivalry is bigger than Alabama v. Auburn

Yes men

It girls

The French

That lo-carb hamburger with lettuce as the bun. Come on man!

College students yelling down speakers they disagree with in the name of “free speech”

Republicans obsessive ties to the right wing of the church. Everything in moderation I say.

The “fairness doctrine” and anyone who supports it.

The crowd at a Rob Thomas concert

Traffic Court. Guilty until proven innocent. No doubt.

Conserving mileage to get better “resale value” on your car

Rap Metal

People who believe the guy when he tells you he never masturbates.

Guys who never masturbate.


That “Girls Gone Wild” guy… no wait, actually he is pretty smart.

Women who don’t go after their ex’s for child support because they “just want them out of there lives” It’s the law. Get the money!!

People who think a presidential order of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton would be a vote for “change”

Wearing baggy pants around your legs so your underwear shows.

People watching MSNBC

American Idol. I mean, aren’t these just vocal models? Give me a songwriter over a singer any day.

Balloon payments

Hostesses who seat four guys in a waiter’s section, and who seat 4 ladies on their lunch hour in the cute young waitresses section. Cute girls for guys. Cute guys for girls. It just works.

The fact you pay taxes on money given to you by family members. Huh? Isn’t this my money to give? Hasn’t it already been taxed? The answer to both is YES.

Those graphic tees and polo shirts. In 15 years we will look back and laugh. Horrible. Plus its GUYS wearing these… dudes, fashion trends are for girls.

“No Blood for Oil” bumper stickers. Seriously – if we wanted the oil we could easily take it… but last I checked I paid $2.99 a gallon. Typical liberal tripe.

Absentee parents

Guys who don’t like AC/DC

Girls who like guys who don’t like AC/DC

Smear merchants.



Once a week trash pickup.

John Edwards. Really. Stop, look and listen.

Ivy League College Presidents

Those hands free cell phone things in people’s ears. You look ridiculous. Forever.

Disneyworld admission prices

Most poetry

Stand up comics who refer to their newborn kids to garner applause

Atlanta Braves stealing the FSU Seminole “chop”

Taking a baby to the movies

Not leaving when the baby starts crying

Neckties. When you really stop to think about it.

Check out by 11am - Check in after 3pm

Women offended by guys checking them out when wearing skimpy stuff

Bud Selig

All those bread choices at SUBWAY ®



The IRS not taxing MediaMatters.org

FreeCell. But I still love it!

Businesses not yet on MySpace

Pro Wrestling. Except for the silicon parade.

Minimum balance requirements

Modern art

People who have never read the U.S. Constitution

Airplane seatbelts

Texting while driving

Companies who allow employees access to YouTUBE, MySpace or any other time wasting highly addictive web sites!


Large Yellow Pages ad budgets

The 9 to 1 ratio of Black Americans who vote Democrat. 60-70 years and nothing has changed. Empty promises. Dems take them for granted. Don’t let them anymore. Think. Decide. Vote accordingly.

That first STAR TREK movie. The second one was awesome!

Letting George Lucas direct the 3 new STAR WARS movies

Day trading

Guys who don’t like boobs

People who avoid subtitled movies

People who don’t know who Pete Yorn is.

The broadcasting of the National Hockey League draft on sports radio

Every single program on UniVision. But the girls are hot.

Prostitution is illegal.

Marijuana is illegal.

The McCain-Feingold Act