Friday, May 23, 2008

Wal McPharmacy MART

Wal McPharmacy Mart

wal mart

Drugs for four dollars. There are hundreds of prescription drugs that are available for purchase for only $4. That is not your co-pay. That is the price. Four bucks. Less than a trip to Taco Bell. Even BRAND NAME drugs only cost $10 which is the same as most co-pays. But the $4 deal covers a large number of the most doctor prescribed drugs on the market.

Wal-Mart has (once again) used it’s “buy in bulk” economy of scale leverage to get great pricing. Not only can you now buy a cheap throw rug, some plastic “made in China” spoons, and the latest CD by what’s-his-face from American Idol, you can heal yourself with some $4 drugs! Sign me up! Oh wait, I already did that!

As soon as I heard of this deal I transferred all my prescriptions from my current pharmacy to “the Mart.” It was easy. By utilizing my internal combustion technology in my Toyota 4runner, I glided thru the parking lot and made my way inside. There were 4-5 friendly pharmacists and, since this Wal-Mart was relatively new, there were few filled prescripts ready for pick up. Upon viewing the spacious shelves I told them to “get ready – you all are going to start getting very busy.”

Who is in charge of marketing for this behemoth? The word is not getting out fast enough. This should be gospel to every man woman and child in America. Oh, and especially you cradle to grave entitlement Democrats out there. Can you remind me why exactly some are clamoring to turn over our healthcare to the Feds again? I think Wal-Mart may be the smart pick here.

Wal-Mart $4 Drug Program:

Okay now… Hillary-Care or Wal-Mart? Obama Rama Socialist Care or Wal-Mart? Yours and my current set up with our current pharmacy that we have had for years and years without question and with no competition or Wal-Mart? I didn’t even have to do the math, it did me! Sweeping me off the couch and into the bright lights of the world’s largest retailer. I even stopped to buy a soda from the machine on my way out in order to swallow the cheap pills I just got… for FOUR BUCKS for a MONTH SUPPLY.


Not only that, but the week before I started in business for myself, dropping off my employer’s health insurance coverage. My very responsible (and very hot) girlfriend simply went online and shopped over the many readily available and truly affordable temporary insurance plans out there. I was able to get a 6 month plan even with some pre conditions of Health Insurance. This is to cover me in case I get hit by a bus (like insurance should be used in the first place). There’s a co-pay for doc visits and don’t even need to claim my drugs as they are only $4 a month. Here are some sites for your convenience:

And for you poor people out there (and I am not too far into the middle class not to relate) don’t listen to the demagogues in Congress tell you that you can’t afford coverage. Even if you make the Federal Minimum Wage (in which case you are eligible for numerous Federal Aid Health Programs anyway) it would take you only 2 days a month to earn enough money to pay for your health insurance. This is, as they say, a no-brainer.

Case closed.

Wal-Mart open.


conservOpunk Healthy.

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Jonathan said...

Holy goodness gracious sign me up! Great commentary... I'm switching our family's meds to Walmart ASAP!

Hmm... dare I even begin to think what the Fed's pricing would be? You and I both know that they are so successful with their programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc... hmm... wait a second, it just occurred to me. Obama's healthcare program sounds so fresh and so clean and will get SO many votes, but wait... Government programs age like crap! Why would we do that!?! Why would we (not me... the careless Dems) vote for a program that will only add more problems for our future generations to solve? Sure, ideally this program would solve some medical problems for those that are without insurance (i.e. handouts). They become addicted to these handouts. The next democrat elects the coverage limits be raised to get the vote... before you know it, this government program that was so wonderful has become an overbearing burden on EVERYONE. Except... except those folks that don't pay into the system. Today, the bottom 50% of tax payers pay 3% of the nation’s tax burden. This program is going to be paid for by those that earn above the 50th percentile. Which, by the way is equates to an adjusted gross income of $30,881. Hmmm... didn't the ConservOpunk say that it would take just 2 days of earnings (minimum wage) per month to pay for health insurance based upon his findings? Call me crazy, but is this really that much of a problem that the Fed should come in and fix it with one of their ill-aging programs? Do our kids really not have enough terminally-ill government programs to sort out as it is?