Friday, May 16, 2008

Bask in your Glow DEMS!


George McGovern

Jimmy Carter

Walter Mondale

Michael Dukakis

Bill Clinton

Al Gore

John Kerry

Hillary Clinton

Barrack Obama

You have just read the list of the modern Democrat Party nominees for President of the United States of America.

Don’t worry I am not planning on going thru each one and making sarcastic remarks about their lack of substance, brilliance or even competence. Rather I contend the list is best taken as a whole, which is MUCH greater than the sum of its parts and definitively speaks for itself.

As we conservatives lament the state of the REP party and the current nominee, a moderate at best and liberal sympathizer at worst, it does warm the heart to read over that list again. Man… what a collection! It is amazing to live in a country of more than 300 million citizens (at least 2-3 million of whom have the intellectual, financial, and political capital to actually run for President) and this is the glorious list birthed from the DEM party nomination procedure.

Two on the list were elected President of the United States. I spell the title out in its entirety to add weight to the fact that JIMMY CARTER and BILL CLINTON are the two success stories for the DEM Party on that list! Amazing but true! I swear!

Carter swims in the pot calling the kettle black when he describes G.W. Bush as being the “worst modern President” – when we all know Carter resides at this address. A one-termer whose “malaise speech” still ranks up there as “most embarrassed to be an American” moments, has been a disgrace since leaving office, blaming the U.S. for all the world’s problems and undermining our sovereignty by meeting with despots and terror leaders.

Clinton’s charm has l o n g worn off and his miserable (and rather bitter) showing as Hillary’s main supporter boldly displays his true colors… again. Bill was a disgrace whilst still in office and he has done little to redeem himself since. To re-hash his follies with regards to policy, ethics, the Law, fidelity, and morality is to insult your intelligence.


2008 brings many “first time in a long times” if you will:

The first time since 1960 (long before I was born) that a sitting U.S. Senator will be elected to the Presidency. There are many causes for this. The most obvious being two sitting Senators have NEVER RUN AGAINST ONE ANOTHER…EVER. (1

The others:

1. Governors prove themselves day to day in the most similar arena to the office of President.

2. U.S. Senators are perceived “blue bloods” by most Americans which hurts their appeal with the common man.

3. U.S. Senators have that pesky VOTING RECORD which can easily counteract any ridiculous campaign speech promise or revisionist history they may choose to present as fact.

4. The 1960 Presidential candidate, JFK, was a visionary and, although a DEM, very open minded and charismatic.

5. The Senators since then… well, read #4 again and think “exact opposite.”

The first time a Woman, a Black Man, and a Maverick have all run at the same time.

The most instances of media members saying the word “Race.” Presidential Race, Candidates Race, etc.

The first time the REP nominee openly courts Democrats, not to convert them to conservative principles based upon our founding, but Democrats as is. No change necessary.

The first time the block voting groups of the DEM Party have been nationally exposed. Finally!

The first time in forty years Black Americans (93% of them) might look themselves in the mirror after pulling the lever for a Democrat.
- My issue really is not that Obama flip flopped so many times regarding Rev. Wright or the fact that he stayed with the church for 20 years; it is instead the fact that there exist many, many churches just like this one! No wonder many young blacks lose hope. Goodness!

The first time the United States is running candidates who favor more top down, socialist style regulations on our industry.
- Even Vladimir Putin in Russia is relaxing Russia’s grip on its oil companies, allowing them to find the oil that is there to find – increasing supply and lowering price.

Question: If Michael Steele is pegged to be McCain’s running mate, will he have to dodge Oreos hurled at him by liberals at debates again? (2

Just wondering.

N E W small

1 What, never? Well, hardly ever. In 1836, the Whig Party tried a divide-and-conquer strategy, running regional candidates. Former U.S. Sen. William Henry Harrison and sitting U.S. Sens. Daniel Webster, Hugh White, and Willie Mangum all garnered electoral votes, but Democrat Martin Van Buren beat them, 170-124 for all four combined. But that was three sitting senators in a five-way race. So, if, as expected, Sen. McCain runs against Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama, it will be the first head-to-head contest between two sitting U.S. senators in 56 presidential elections going all the way back to 1789.

2 Lt. Gov Michael Steele OREO incident

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