Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now Just Hold on a Minute!!!

Bob Englehart cartoon

Mr. Englehart,

Tired. I am very tired of feeling as though I must prove a negative.

This double standard when it comes to RACE in America must end.

I am a registered Republican and I would vote a Black person for President, and plan on voting for a black person for state rep here in my home state of Florida (Peter Boulware (REP). I contend Black Republicans are the key to America’s future. They understand the principals of our founding and comprehend the true American Dream.

The punch line in this cartoon is poking fun at the Clinton’s – a point which is well made and well deserved. The first frame however depicts all Republicans as white racists standing against any Black American getting into the White House. Sir, it is the left who separates everyone by their IDENTITY. We conservatives consider the IDEOLOGY. Simple enough sir? Thought not.

Where do I begin? The Obvious - There are millions of registered Black Republicans in this country. They believe in liberty, free markets, tough law enforcement, a strong military and less government interference in their lives and their businesses. Here are a few of their websites:

It is not the color of Barrack Obama’s skin that is the issue for REP voters; it is what resides in his ultra liberal mind and ultra liberal voting record (when he actually voted).

It is fact that millions of Republicans would have supported Colin Powell for President (many over GW Bush) back in 2000. When Hillary Clinton seemed the presumptive nominee many months ago, many REP pundits thought a Condi Rice on the REP side would have been great fun! Imagine the DEMS having to vote against a black woman running for President!

I am the conservOpunk and believe in everyone’s individual LIBERTY regardless of race. The mere fact that DEMS support race based programs in the first place speaks to their condescension towards Black Americans. They believe they cannot compete without help from the Govt.

The REP Party was created to end slavery and got the 1964 Civil Rights bill passed by defeating DEMOCRAT filibusters. There is a historically racist line thru history squarely on the DEM side, but for some reason they lobbied their way into the hearts and minds of 92% of Black America. It is clear (at least to me) that many Blacks are voting based on race, as are many whites. This will always be the case. People like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t want to END racism, they want to FIGHT racism. Man is imperfect and therefore racism will never be completely eradicated from society.

That being said, who is the party of prejudice? Plenty of Black Republicans have come down the pike against the big LIB establishment and got mostly support from white conservatives. Lynn Swann, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Steele (who had to dodge Oreos at campaign events), J.C. Watts, Alan Keyes have never had the support of “Black America” and enjoyed political success unmatched by most.

I am offended by the insinuation all Republicans are White, Racist, and cheering against anyone but Barrack Obama. Heck most of us would cut off our left big toe to get C Powell or C Rice in place of John McCain! I am sick of DEMS getting let off the hook upon uttering bigoted comments and lowering expectations when it comes to Blacks. We are all Americans! We are all out there struggling to make ends meet, succeeding at times and falling flat in others. Quit proliferating this stereotype of Republicans. I know it is difficult for the (overwhelmingly liberal) big media to be fair minded, but at least fake it. Damn!

It is 2008 and we all need to grow up. Flip Flop Obama Rama did not set this straight with his "race speech" and has since contradicted himself daily regarding race, Rev. Wright, etc. We need a Black Conservative who loves America to run one day. America is indeed ready for a Black person in the White House, just not this one.


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