Monday, January 7, 2008

tired of the partisanship??? I'm Not!!

Tired of all the DEM vs REP bickering?

I'm not!

Think about it - partisanship means healthy debate - those who would silence partisanship are basically for a one-sided message. "We need to stop all the partisanship" is really a front for a consolidation of power in D.C. This would not be a good thing to be sure. It would basically be tyranny.

I agree that partisan bickering and mindless spats along party lines about this or that is insulting to most of us, but debate on big issues of the day (and historically) is healthy and good for this nation. Hell, reasonable people can disagree about most policy issues and positions.

However this brings me to the heart of the matter, reasonable people can absolutely NOT simply agree

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