Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh the Horror!


Guliani throws support to McCain. Please also note the sign on the podium. The REAGAN LIBRARY. If that isn't a final slap in the face then I don't know what is. Rudy has thrown his weight behind the candidate least like Reagan who remains.

This is very telling of Guliani - McCain is a REP in party affiliation only - these two agree on one thing (gratefully): A PROACTIVE policy against radical Islam and the overall War against Global Terrorism. On everything else under the sun John McCain votes, acts, and talks like a big government liberal.


I suppose there had to be some sort of promise of a Vice Presidential position for Rudy - right??? This is the only possible explanation, albeit a superficial and downright LAME explanation. Is this what America has become? A back room dealing popularity contest that reminds us of our Jr. High School student council or homecoming campaigns? What about Principle? Ethics? The Constitution and the Founding Father's guide to creating a nation of, for and by the people? (and not the Government). Then again - I guess the fact that the DEMOCRAT party still exists is evidence that enough people have dropped these certain inconveniences from the public consciousness.

This also helps explain the continuing campaign of Mike Huckabee. He has no doubt cut some VP or cabinet deal with the Senator from Arizona, as he has no chance at garnering the REP nomination, and after taking votes from Fred Thompson he now siphons off some Romney votes.

Okay... so in what back room deal did this whole spectacle transpire? And are we really going to be left choosing between John McCain and Hillary Clinton for the minor post of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES??? This from the populace clamoring for "Change" and ending "Politics as Usual" and getting "some new blood in the political process??" What a crock!

I wrote a little conservOpunk song called "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, a vote for Change." This little move by Rudy is making that joke of a scenario actually come true! I am going to freak out if I am forced to pick from these two. Although naturally as I am not a Socialist I will not vote for Hillary, McCain has let conservatives and Americans down so often it will be a challenge to get up that morning.

My buddy Joe thinks this will be just like '76 when Reagan lost to Ford, then served 2 wondrous terms after a lame DEM one term administration (Jimmy Carter for those of you under 30). So McCain loses to Hillary, who serves a single, stalinist term, then Romney runs against her in 2012 and serves eight years.


Then again... what about Barrack Hussein Obama? This could be interesting. On every issue I am dramatically opposed to everything he stands for and has voted on. (Race not withstanding - see my last blog on that one). An Obama Presidency would put a lot of people (Jackson, Sharpton, Jackson-Lee, McKinney, et al) out of business once and for all. Or would it? I would like to sit back and watch as liberals continue to proclaim the plight of blacks under a BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Perhaps this would end the laughable policies and bigoted, race baiting of the Left, and finally open ones eyes to the true gifts for ALL AMERICANS - Individual Liberty, Freedom (to succeed and to fail), the rule of Law, Private Property, to name a few. I wished for a Condi - Hillary battle for the White House myself.

Go Mitt!


So there.

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