Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Actually Agree with Bill Clinton!

I actually agree with Bill Clinton!

For once Bill Clinton has it right! When asked a question about the Obama v Hillary battle over the MLK reference, former President Clinton lashed out at the media member bringing up the subject after “sitting through that whole meeting and not one person brought this up.” He should have lashed out harder! Don’t get me wrong, he (and all DEMS alike) are total and very thorough hypocrites in this area, but when you’re right you’re right, and although the Clinton’s practice the same race bating tactics he criticizes the media for using, they ALL should stop doing it.

The former President’s REASONS for opposing the media’s incessant focus on race and religion in politics are to shield his spouse from being called out for race baiting (a tried and true tactic of the left as they continue to pander to and befuddle the Black American population). However his MESSAGE is one I cannot disagree with and cannot believe hasn’t been brought to the forefront before now…

Why can the mainstream media group everyone together by race, religion, county by county ethnic makeup, etc? “In a heavily Latino community in Southern California…” African American voters are likely to…” The Cuban American crowd is heavily Republican…” Huckabee is courting the Evangelicals…” It is disgraceful!

This is what the DEMS do… pit us all against one another and make political races less about ideology (the only thing they should really be about) and more about skin color and (now a days) gender.

The media does like asking questions about Race and Religion in times of large national campaigns. How do they get away with this obvious public bigotry?

It is funny though to hear the media’s take that “African Americans are torn between Clinton and Obama.” As if there is not one intellectually honest and proud black person in America who would ever dream of voting Republican! Oh the horror! Oh, but wait, I forgot… those people aren’t really black. My bad.

NOTE: I keep putting this subject off for a future essay, but my God Blacks - wake up and smell the pandering! You vote DEM 92% of the time! Good Grief! (This is even more amazing considering White, Male Evangelical Christians vote REP 80% of the time).

Back to Clinton – he did a good job of putting the reporter in his place, and pointing out that (and he is right on this one) the media wants to report on this race/religion stuff. Any conservative voice that brings this up is labeled a bigot or racist, but the news anchors and pollsters divide and judge us on race and religion all the damn time… The news media needs to focus on WHAT the CANDIDATES BELIEVE IN, WHAT THEY SAY and HOW THEY VOTED on the issues. That’s it. Hell we should just turn it all over to those little “Electoral Compass” things on the internet where you input your answers to policy questions and then it spits out the candidate you are most aligned with. I was most like Rudy and least like Obama. Fine. Fine.

Here take the quiz yourself!!

With all this said - who has the moral high ground with regards to evoking the name of MLK during debates and who is more deserving of the black vote remains to be seen. I for one cannot imagine sane people listening to the “I Have a Dream” speech and thinking big government social engineering programs and 40 years of a pandering “war on poverty” is the answer for anyone in America, much less the blacks Dr. King was so eloquently referring to that day.

Hey Bill, is that all you’ve got? Let’s ramp this thing up a notch!

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