Thursday, October 4, 2007

Things That are Stupid

Reality TV shows

$6 cups of coffee


People who don’t get South Park

People who think their college football rivalry is bigger than Alabama v. Auburn

Yes men

It girls

The French

That lo-carb hamburger with lettuce as the bun. Come on man!

College students yelling down speakers they disagree with in the name of “free speech”

Republicans obsessive ties to the right wing of the church. Everything in moderation I say.

The “fairness doctrine” and anyone who supports it.

The crowd at a Rob Thomas concert

Traffic Court. Guilty until proven innocent. No doubt.

Conserving mileage to get better “resale value” on your car

Rap Metal

People who believe the guy when he tells you he never masturbates.

Guys who never masturbate.


That “Girls Gone Wild” guy… no wait, actually he is pretty smart.

Women who don’t go after their ex’s for child support because they “just want them out of there lives” It’s the law. Get the money!!

People who think a presidential order of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton would be a vote for “change”

Wearing baggy pants around your legs so your underwear shows.

People watching MSNBC

American Idol. I mean, aren’t these just vocal models? Give me a songwriter over a singer any day.

Balloon payments

Hostesses who seat four guys in a waiter’s section, and who seat 4 ladies on their lunch hour in the cute young waitresses section. Cute girls for guys. Cute guys for girls. It just works.

The fact you pay taxes on money given to you by family members. Huh? Isn’t this my money to give? Hasn’t it already been taxed? The answer to both is YES.

Those graphic tees and polo shirts. In 15 years we will look back and laugh. Horrible. Plus its GUYS wearing these… dudes, fashion trends are for girls.

“No Blood for Oil” bumper stickers. Seriously – if we wanted the oil we could easily take it… but last I checked I paid $2.99 a gallon. Typical liberal tripe.

Absentee parents

Guys who don’t like AC/DC

Girls who like guys who don’t like AC/DC

Smear merchants.



Once a week trash pickup.

John Edwards. Really. Stop, look and listen.

Ivy League College Presidents

Those hands free cell phone things in people’s ears. You look ridiculous. Forever.

Disneyworld admission prices

Most poetry

Stand up comics who refer to their newborn kids to garner applause

Atlanta Braves stealing the FSU Seminole “chop”

Taking a baby to the movies

Not leaving when the baby starts crying

Neckties. When you really stop to think about it.

Check out by 11am - Check in after 3pm

Women offended by guys checking them out when wearing skimpy stuff

Bud Selig

All those bread choices at SUBWAY ®

The IRS not taxing

FreeCell. But I still love it!

Businesses not yet on MySpace

Pro Wrestling. Except for the silicon parade.

Minimum balance requirements

Modern art

People who have never read the U.S. Constitution

Airplane seatbelts

Texting while driving

Companies who allow employees access to YouTUBE, MySpace or any other time wasting highly addictive web sites!


Large Yellow Pages ad budgets

The 9 to 1 ratio of Black Americans who vote Democrat. 60-70 years and nothing has changed. Empty promises. Dems take them for granted. Don’t let them anymore. Think. Decide. Vote accordingly.

That first STAR TREK movie. The second one was awesome!

Letting George Lucas direct the 3 new STAR WARS movies

Day trading

Guys who don’t like boobs

People who avoid subtitled movies

People who don’t know who Pete Yorn is.

The broadcasting of the National Hockey League draft on sports radio

Every single program on UniVision. But the girls are hot.

Prostitution is illegal.

Marijuana is illegal.

The McCain-Feingold Act

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Paige said...

Subway bread choices? Really? That's never really bothered me...