Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letter to the Editor

A Mind Numbingly Stupid Zing!

This is a concerned citizen responding to the most brain-dead preposterously off base zing I have ever come across in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. Liberals have no actual skills in debate other than to call the conservative “dumb” or to label them in some nefarious manner. When actual ideas are discussed the Dems have no substance to speak of. None. But the trotting out of the good old, “we don’t understand you so we must attack you” argument is truly worrisome.

How many HUGE examples of American grace and triumph over the tyrannies and evils of the world have to occur before the leftists abandon their tired and provably wrong positions on world affairs? Lets see… just off the top of my head, the liberals were proven WRONG on:

The USA entering WWII

The result of us leaving Vietnam

The removal of the Shaw of Iran ushering in the terrorist state we now see

The USA winning the cold war and defeating the Soviets

The effectiveness of the Star Wars defense system (recently tested last week and it worked! Again! No mention in these pages I would guess)

The treatment of al Queda as a criminal organization and not a serious wartime threat (remember 1993 when they first tried to topple the WTC? Oh wait are we allowed to mention that)?

The USA losing “more than 10,000 troops the first week” of the Iraq war

And these are just the foreign policy positions where liberals have been proven wrong. I could go on and bring up their silly positions on the economy, healthcare, public schools, taxes, the environment, the “rich” etc. That’s too obvious. Well, perhaps not. Smart, well meaning Black Americans still go into the booth on Election Day and just look for the “D” (over 85%) over and over again - which I cannot for the life of me understand. Perhaps someone can zing about that one.

I hereby challenge the buffoon who broke off with the “we attack people we don’t understand” zing to watch the Daniel Pearl or any other be-heading and try to draw a moral equivalence between us and them. Then you can state your morally bankrupt and completely false premise and throw words like “imperialism” and “neo con” (whatever that means) around.

I Love America. We are the greatest most tolerant nation on Earth and we need to stop apologizing and challenge these left wing fools right away.


Tony O’Donnell



Doug Hyden, Tallahassee said...

Hey, conservopunk,

Good morning. This morning’s letter is yet more proof, if such were needed, that John Stuart Mill’s observation about conservatives was (and remains) correct: “While it is true that not all conservatives are stupid,” he said, “it is true that all stupid people are conservatives.” Actually, I disagree with him on the first part, but I’m sure that even you get my drift: you’re stupid.

WWII. I was not aware that Liberals opposed this war. In fact, wasn’t it that famous Liberal, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who asked for the declaration of war? And hadn’t he been trying for two years prior to that to bring the US in on the allies’ side? And didn’t he have to fight the conservatives tooth-and-nails to get lend-lease through? Weren’t the republicans the isolationist party? Gee, all the history books tell me that it was the conservatives, not the Liberals, who opposed us getting into WWII. It took the shock of Pearl Harbor to get the conservatives in line, just as it took the shock of 9/11 to make conservatives give a shit about international terrorism.

Vietnam. Let’s see, weren’t the conservatives saying back then that if we let Vietnam “fall” to the Communists, that pretty soon all of Southeast Asia would be Communist, too? Hmmm. Don’t see any red flags flying over Thailand. Or Laos. Or Cambodia? So how, exactly, were the Liberals wrong about Vietnam? They weren’t, of course. It only took 58,000 dead Americans and two or three million (who’s counting?) dead Vietnamese to prove that one.

The Cold War. Weren’t you conservatives promising us a big “peace dividend” at the end of the Cold War? We wouldn’t have to spend so much money on “defense,” you said. That money would be available, instead, to build up America’s infrastructure, to lower taxes, and to assure a better life for our citizens. Hmmm. Last I saw the defense budget has done nothing but go up. What have we gotten for our money? The US has never been more vulnerable or less secure than it is right now, thanks to the conservatives. And that brings us to . . .

The “War” on Terror. Oh yeah. You conservatives have really handled that one well. Let’s see, 4000 dead Americans and 1,000,000 dead Iraqis, Iraq not even being a nation that has ever engaged in a terrorist action against the USA. Al Qaeda is bigger than ever, thanks to the great recruiting tool they have in the form of American aggression. The USA is almost universally despised. Our constitution is in tatters. And Osama bin Laden still walks free. Yes, you conservatives’ “war” on terror has been a smashing success, all right.

You need to do a little reading, boy. You’ve obviously been getting all your information from Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and Faux News. You’re pathetic. Ben Franklin once said, “Better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and prove it.” You sir, have definitely proven it. Better to have remained silent. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Tony O said...

I love it!!! I am getting under a libs skin! At least he tries to submit "facts" instead of merely calling me stupid. Good Job. Oh and "yours in Christ" ? I thought libs were against all things religious.

He doesnt comment on the points I made that the Democrat edited out.