Thursday, October 4, 2007

the liberal media - - REAL. Believe it. Fear it.

Tony O's random sampling of the "so called liberal media" –

All in the past 2-3 weeks! WOW!

The Marines facing charges in connection with the alleged massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha two years ago were cleared of wrongdoing Thursday. No credible evidence was found showing the soldiers did anything criminal.

No retraction from TIME magazine and virtually no coverage of this whatsoever.

Key Democrat campaign donor Norman Hsu is currently sitting in prison on 15 year old grand theft and various other charges. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will give to charity the $23,000 in donations she has received from a fundraiser who is wanted in California for failing to appear for sentencing on a 1991 grand theft charge.

The decision came Wednesday as other Democrats began distancing themselves from Norman Hsu, whose legal encounters and links to other Democratic donors have drawn public scrutiny in the past two days. Al Franken, a Senate candidate in Minnesota, Reps. Michael Honda and Doris Matsui of California and Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania said they would divest their campaigns of Hsu's donations.

Since 2004, one Norman Hsu has been carving out a prominent place of honor among Democratic fundraisers. He has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions into party coffers, much of it earmarked for presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

If this was a Republican donor this story would be off the charts! Front page daily.

AIDS conference features President Bush in effigy with blood on his hands and administration health officials are booed of stage. The Bush administration has given more money to fund AIDS research in the U.S. and even in preventative programs in Africa than any other administration. This is why Republicans should forever shed their "compassionate conservative" approach: they get absolutely no credit and are always painted as uptight and unable to deal with issues like this.

This information and statistics are right there in the public record but are never featured in stories in the national media

The New York Times printing the "General Betray us" ad. This hilariously offensive full page ad ran under the discounted "advocacy rate" and saved the Clinton front group 100K in costs. In the past The Times has refused to run other "advocacy ads" from the Swiftboat Vets for Truth, the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life organizations (which would obviously be on the conservative side). The fact the ad is not even remotely truthful or accurate in the least and smears a highly honorable and distinguish military leader misses an important point. This printing did not even lead to any of the Democrat Presidential candidates to disavow themselves from this ad. To her credit Nancy Pelosi (amazingly) did condemn this attack ad publicly.

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There can no longer be this notion of "supporting the troops but not the mission." I don't care what political party you belong to, this ad is repulsive and remember that all the major DEM candidates for the Presidency spoke at the convention and gobble up their donation money. What a joke.

When my daughter grows up and this ad shows up in a history text book someplace, I want to be able to answer her proudly when she asks me "Dad, what did you do when the NY Times ran this ad?"

The proposed visit by Iranian President Ahmadinejad to NY City and ground zero further illustrates the "do you like your country" premise. This is the leader of a country currently training fighters to go into Iraq and kill US troops. By US troops I mean people… someone's FAMILY MEMBER. Iran is a longtime state sponsor of terrorism and uses their puppet arm Hezbollah to execute terror attacks in Israel and other democratic and other US allied nations.

His visitation request was denied, but then we look to the Ivy League (naturally) to find another hypocrisy gone amok. Columbia University has formally invited the Iranian leader to speak as a guest of honor at their campus. This is unbelievable in all respects. They do this in the quest of "free speech" when anyone with a conservative bent gets booed off the stage or as in the case of the leader of the minutemen, gets assaulted and cannot even speak at all. The historical implications of this make this latest insult even more alarming when you consider Columbia invited Nazis to speak on campus and attended events in their honor in the past. Unreal.

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Compare coverage of Republican scandals and Democrat scandals. Sordid hypocrisy versus private issues or even celebration of being brave.

Where are the Hispanic groups challenging the unconstitutional drubbing of Alberto Gonzales? Where are the Black American groups celebrating the success of powerful national figures like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell?

When Democrats bring up people like Foley and Craig, simply answer that if they did anything criminal they should be prosecuted and sent to prison. Period. Then sit back and watch their minds try to reconcile their shameful defense of Bill Clinton in all of the "private matters" of that day, including the 52 counts of federal perjury. I voted for Clinton TWICE as he was the best candidate, but cannot square this and cannot get over the fact he pointed at me on TV and lied to my face.

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