Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remember "Bloom County?"

From Mike B.

You've no doubt heard about how Judge Sotomayor said she hoped a wise Latina judge would make a better decision than a white male judge. The
Obama spin is that she mis-spoke. See Rich Lowry's amusing column on this.

Anyway, her hearings will have a section where she tries to back away from the statement somehow. That reminded me of an exchange in the comic strip
Bloom County. I couldn't find the script but someone had the quote:

Opus the Penguin, Vice-Presidential candidate for the Meadow Party was brought before a Congressional Committee on charges of being a liberal -

"Mr Opus, is it true that you said in a speech during your last campaign that, were you elected, you would 'grind the rich into free meatloaf for the poor'?"

After frantic shaking of his head,
Opus replied "Ah, those silly days of youth, we were all so wild then. What I meant to say was, 'Good jobs at good wages'."

Sotomayor to sound like Opus next month...


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