Thursday, June 11, 2009


It used to be that to make the big money you had to start a business or get a job competing in the private sector. If you chose government work it was not as lucrative, but the benefits would be your reward for working in the public sector. The trade-off – lower salaries for better benefits.

How times have changed. Now (and for the foreseeable future) it seems the PUBLIC sector is the place to be for big salaries, while the private sector, burdened with high taxation and a slow economy, suffer. This sector is where the money comes from. This sector is where wealth is created. Consider:



Local government in Orange County (Orlando) FL spends $7 billion annually

The 27 year old chief of staff to the Mayor makes $131,000 a year
The library director makes $192,000 a year
The toll authority director makes $246,000 a year

The average private sector wage in Orange County is $38,000

God Bless America.

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