Saturday, July 5, 2008

No one Died when Clinton Lied? Really???

Sigh. This morning I saw another one of those "No one Died when Clinton Lied" bumper stickers. People who, to this day, defend Bill Clinton amaze me. They also prove the point that Democrats are BORN, not made.

In 38 years of life I have come to the realization that Democrats are born, not made. No one could live in this county, watch the news, see how businesses work, taxes are collected, services dolled out, schools function, etc and become a Democrat. Their political positions have simply been proven wrong too many times for this to be so.

Stereotypes are wrong and judgmental, but they are also most likely TRUE. So here is a list of the people who vote for Democrats. People vote Democrat because:

1. Their parents did

2. They are under 30

3. They have never opened or run a business

4. They are part of academia (especially universities)

5. They rely on Government for their livelihood (local, state or federal and the exceptions prove the rule)

6. They belong to a Labor Union

7. They make less than 30K annually and pay no income taxes

8. They belong to one of the following so-called “minority groups”

a. Homosexuals (except the AWESOME Log Cabin Republicans)

b. Feminists (you know, the ones who condemned Clarence Thomas and defended Bill Clinton)

c. Hispanics (except Cuban-Americans)

d. Blacks (and I will NEVER understand this one)

e. Peaceniks

f. Enviromentalists

Republicans / Conservatives champion the individual, while Democrats / Liberals champion groups. Simple. True. Really true.


Just look at the picture from the '04 convention... look at who the leaders of the DEM party are... (and remember this is before the Pelosi/Reid congress and we have yet to hear the Media report on the John Edwards love child scandal)!


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