Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's a Miracle!!! Not that we're winning the War, but that AP is reporting it!!

The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost.

With this one amazing headline the Associated Press burst the bubble of the Democrats in Congress, and lifted the hopes of American Conservatives and people throughout the world who yearn for freedom, liberty and the power to create their own destiny.


I for one cannot begin to describe my utter disbelief in the mere fact this was even reported. Most of us under the age of 40 stopped getting their news from the “old media” long ago, and we already knew of the surge’s success. But for the lifeblood of the liberal media to proclaim the Iraq War won??? Truly remarkable. Especially because you just KNOW they were dragged kicking and screaming towards the truth:

AP Article:



Their Reasoning:



This is not to say that I enjoy saying “I told you so” to my friends and family, but I told you so. Typically I like to remain silent when I am shown to be correct on political and moral issues of the day, as I could never create the epic shame and embarrassment others will have when reminded of their own statements regarding this issue. I cannot remain silent in this case. Here are actual quotes from people I know and love:

“We are an imperialist country – going to war to lower oil prices.” Wrong

America is more hated now because of this war.” Wrong

“They will find WMD’s no matter what… if they aren’t there they will be planted there.” Wrong

“The elections in Iraq are a sham.” Wrong

“This war is illegal” Huh? Wrong

“Bush is just like Hitler” Wrong Shamefully wrong.

I will merely bask in the glow of being correct.

I will (once again) rely on the conservative side of the issue being proved to be both the correct stance AND to occupy the moral high ground. The Democrats should be so very ashamed. How do they look into the eye of a military parent? To quote Brit Hume "They didn't get it just a little wrong. They got it completely wrong."


I will sleep well tonight knowing that, after I make political statements, I can look myself in the mirror. That is all I need.


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