Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letter to the Editor 2

It’s Official… White Folks are Least Racist!

Barrack Obama has given yet another race speech. We should have an over/under on this topic coming from his campaign. Mr. Obama recently told a crowd of supporters what to expect in the November election:

Obama - “We know what kind of campaign they’re gonna run. They’re gonna try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of… ME! They’re gonna say, you know, he’s young, he’s inexperienced, he’s got a funny name… did I mention he’s black?” (crowd roars with laughter)!

I have poured over the numerous articles, news reports, polls, and pundits and all seem to be continuing to focus on RACE as the main issue in the November election. And (naturally) all seem to come from the LEFT side of the aisle and feel America “isn’t ready” for a black American in the White House.

So let me get this straight… unless 100% of us vote for Obama come NOV then “we are not ready” for a black man in the white house? What a crock. Millions of Republicans (myself included) “were ready” for Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Lynn Swann, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Walter Williams, Roy Innis, Ward Connerly, and Janice Rogers Brown to hold high positions in Govt (including the Presidency in Powell’s case). Where was the “goose bumps” and “momentous moment” speak in the media for these individuals?

Hmmm… what is the difference?

Oh yes, these are all conservative Black Republicans! Where was the cry of “Racism” when the LIBS were mounting disgraceful smears against these figures (from the Oreos hurled at Steele to the “modern day lynching” of Thomas in his nomination hearings)? The DEM party, from their historical racism to the nomination battle of 2008, have focused on IDENTITY POLITICS of race and gender, perfectly illustrated in the DEM nomination process. (Attention Mayor Bloomberg: this is wedge politics).

Of course there are racists in both parties. When will this change? Never! Man is imperfect and there will always be bigots out there. The LIBS don’t want to END racism they want to FIGHT racism. The truth is Powell would have beaten GW Bush back in 2000 for the REP nomination, and Black Republicans are elected all the time with little or no fanfare. Why is this? (rhetorical question - - the lib writers already know).

MLK stood for a colorblind society. These days all the media can talk about in the race is the RACE of the candidates and the RACE of the voters. This is a shame. Even the big lib commentators haven’t pegged this one yet… it is the views of the candidates and not their race that matters most to the electorate.

This election will feature (again) two mildly ho hum candidates in a lesser of 2 evils battle for the most important job in the world (after syndicated columnist of course).

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