Thursday, March 6, 2008

Questions No One Asks


Why would anyone oppose the assimilation of foreign born people into the American way of life? What of the concept of the “Melting Pot?”

This is intentionally done year after year by the DEMS to have a new massive underclass, forever dependant on Government for their basic existence.

Why are the voices of legitimate American Immigrants ignored?
Any amnesty plan and rights & services given to illegals are a slap in the face to legal immigrant American citizens.

Why has no one challenged the “War is not the Answer” thesis?

War seemed to work fairly well in defeating Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Italian Fascism, the Soviet Union, British Colonialism (twice), and Middle Eastern Dictatorships.

Why do some continue to espouse the tenets of Communism & Socialism?

This movement has (I had thought obviously) failed and proved to be a tyrannical and evil exercise in futility. The Rule of Law, Free Markets and Individual Liberty are the basis for a just and fair society. (This is Capitalism for those in the back). If one reads the Communist Manifesto it is eerily identical to modern liberal thought. See also “It Takes a Village”

Why do we continue to fund Social Security & Medicare?

Decade after decade we worry about these programs being “bankrupt” so we need to save them. Why not simply abolish them and leave the money in the hands of those who earned it? The poor and minorities (blacks in particular) are short changed by this program as 1.they have a shorter life expectancy and 2.they cannot pass their savings onto their children.

Why do 93% of Black Americans vote for Democrats?

A majority of Blacks support school choice, individual responsibility, a strong military and law enforcement, and oppose gay marriage and abortion. For 60 years Blacks have voted in blocs and the top 10 poorest cities in America have been run by Democrats. Black ghettos continue to flourish under huge Government programs. $500 billion was spent on 80 poverty programs in 2006 alone. MLK fought for a colorblind society! Yet Democrat support of Affirmative Action shows their belief that Blacks are inferior and the historical racist history of the Democrat party is stunning.

Why aren’t Conservative Blacks ever interviewed on issues?
Walter Williams, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, Roy Innis, Angela McGlowan, Frances Rice, Micheal Steele, Justice Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Lynn Swann, Larry Elder, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Sojourner Truth, Shelby Steele.

Why is it acceptable for the media to generalize by Race, Religion, Gender & Ethnicity?
“In a heavily Latino community in Southern California…” “African American voters are likely to…” “The Cuban American crowd is heavily Republican…” “Huckabee is courting the Evangelicals…” “Women over 60 are supporting…” “Single mothers…”

Who is the “Religious Right?”
Just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

great job - - black republicans are the DEMS worst nightmare. Smart, successful black Americans.

Go forth ConservOpunk!