Friday, March 21, 2008

The Truth Hurts... Liberals

I love pointing out to my more liberal friends that they don't have the right to agree with facts. I will mention a simple historical or statistical fact concerning this or that, and they will respond "well I agree but..." Classic!

Lets be clear - you can agree with an opinion, but facts are facts. Which is why we conservatives can use them so effectively to expose Liberal hypocrisy and stupidity. The truth hurts... Liberals.

In 5 years in Iraq the U.S. has had less military casualties (3992) than we lost during the Clinton administration (just over 7,500 casualties). To put this in perspective the total casualties in WWII was 405,399 military heroes. (2)

casualty chart

There has never been a single documented case in U.S. history in which an innocent person was executed. Not one.

The World is NOT overpopulated. If the entire population of the world were placed in Texas, each person would have the space equivalent to the typical American home, with a population density like that of Paris, France. (3)


The Nations with the strictest gun laws – England, Wales and Australia – have the highest rate of violent crime of the worlds 17 major industrialized nations. (1)

In the 20th Century… War has claimed 39 million lives while tyrannical governments have claimed 170 million lives. (4)

90% of reporters and journalists are self described Democrats, as are 96% of Ivy League Professors.

9 out of the 10 most impoverished cities in America are run by Democrats and have been for decades.

Every 2000 Presidential vote recount, including those conducted by the media, concluded Bush won Florida. I live in the panhandle where we were told 2 hours prior to the polls closing that Gore had taken the state.

80% U.S. Millionaires are self made.

Osama Bin Laden was a millionaire and his al Queda network had millions of dollars at their disposal. The 9/11 terrorists all came from oil rich countries.

Not one violation of Americans rights has taken place under the Patriot Act. Section 215 of the Patriot Act specifically protects the 1st and 4th amendments.

NOTE: You just KNOW the mainstream media would have pounced on any civil rights violations by the Government under the Patriot Act... like they did in the Elian Gonzalez case... oh wait a minute... they didn't did they? Sorry.


The Bush Administration has spent more on public education than the Clinton Administration.

The Bush Administration has spent 3 times more on African AIDS relief than the Clinton Administration.

Q: Name the only Republican President in United States history to take our country to war.
A: George W. Bush

WWI Woodrow Wilson (DEM) 116,608 US casualties
WWII Franklin Delano Roosevelt (DEM) 407,316 US casualties
Korean War Harry S. Truman (DEM) over 100,000 U.S. casualties
Vietnam War JFK (DEM) & Lyndon Johnson (DEM) 55,000 U.S. casualties

"My concern over present-day educational practices stems from my conviction that, after each side has had its say, we are right and they are wrong." William F. Buckley.

(1) Travis, The Guardian 2001
(2) CRS Report to Congress June 2007
(3) Perron, Heartland Institute 1995
(4) Poe, Prima Publishing 2001

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Brian said...

Oh man Tony, I just love reading your thoughts! You are definitely entertaining! I am so glad that I found your blog and that I made the connection about who you are. I haven’t known anyone like you since my days going to the conservative Christian college I graduated from in small town West Texas (incidentally, I went to that college with Darren Goad, you may remember him, he went to Green Mtn and was active in the music dept. He lives in London now). Anyway, this post was terrific. I’ve always figured that there were people out there that believed those chain emails that make the rounds of cyber space and its good to see that there are.