Sunday, February 10, 2008

The True Bigots... Democrat Editorialists

So it has come to this. It is now perfectly fine to consider a person’s race and gender when voting for President of the United States. Starting in pre school we are taught that these things are expressly NOT a valid reason with which to make decisions and judgments about each other, but now I have to explain Mr. Ensley’s article to my little girl after she see’s the “Madame President” photo. (This after explaining the NYT “Betray-Us ad). Did I miss something in Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech?

Apparently so. Forty years and hundreds of billions of dollars in the “War on Poverty” have basically created a permanent second class of American citizen, dependant on and beholden to the mighty Federal Government - stripped of their dignity, sense of individual pride and will to succeed.

Maybe I missed it but some of the most powerful, successful and brilliant people in this country lately are Black Americans like Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas. (None of which incidentally have EVER been on the covers of JET or EBONY magazines… not once). Naturally any intelligent reader would imagine the question “would Gerald Ensley consider voting for any of the persons mentioned above?” They fit the race/gender bill nicely after all.

Attention Big Lib editorial writers... the Democrat Party in general and Hillary Clinton (and Barrack Obama) in particular represent everything that we fought against during the American Revolution. Think about it: High Taxation, unlimited Government power, collectivism, group rights, to name a few. Now, rather than considering this and other genuine principles of American governance, we set out to nominate and then elect a President based on their RACE, and/or GENDER.

It is truly sad how Black Americans are pandered to and taken for granted by the Democrats. I guess it is okay to consider RACE if the candidate is on the left side of the aisle (and Obama is consistently rated as the most liberal Senator). I would be surprised by the stories of Blacks walking into the election room and being annoyed when handed a DEM ballot when they are a registered REP. While American Blacks should so clearly be voting Republican, they overwhelmingly (92% on average) do not.

Have you seen those little online “Electoral Compasses” where you answer a number of policy based and issue oriented questions, then it matches you with your Presidential Candidate. As simple as this is it absolutely does a better job in matching our vote with our candidate who best represents our views than does RACE and GENDER.

If the object of these “it’s okay to discuss race and gender” columns is to evoke a reaction out of the reader then mission accomplished! I just hope the writers of such columns awaken each morning thanking their lucky stars to have a writing career as it was based (at least on the body of evidence) on something such as RACE or GENDER and certainly not on intelligence, writing skill or insight.

Yours truly,



Brian said...

My God Tony! I stumbled across your blog the other day and I've got to say, your ranting is ... surprising to say the least.

I should probably first point out that I used to know you “back in the day”, of course its been a long, long time. We actually went all through elementary (Devinny), jr. high (Dunstan) and high school (GMHS) together. The cul-de-sac you grew up on was just 4 blocks down Green Mountain Drive from the cul-de-sac I grew up on.

You most likely won’t remember me, I was a pretty forgettable figure back then, but I remember you well, mostly because for much of my self-repressed adolescence I had quite a crush on you. I used to tell myself back then that it was just jealousy of you because you were one of the popular kids, but truthfully it was a crush.

You also probably don’t remember Doug Bolin, he was a student teacher in the music department at GMHS our junior year I think, possibly our senior year. Anyway, he and I have been friends for the past 20 or so years and he remembers you too, we have been reading your blog and are having some great laughs over it.

I’m just so amazed at how you have turned out. Of course I realize our beliefs and values change as we mature, if they didn’t I would be on the same right-wing fringe as you are, but I would have never in a million years pictured you to have turned out to be such a militant right-wing wacko. I sometimes can’t help but read these posts with jaw agape. I vacillate between astonishment and gut-busting laughter. This is kind of like a view into the antithesis of Mike Huckabee’s “I’m a conservative, but I’m not angry about it” comment.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your ideas and writings are hours of fun. I especially get a kick out of your folksy, simplified stories like “Don’t close the blinds” and “Barstool tax policy”. It’s certainly an entertaining peek into the mind of the far right Republican base.

Coming across your blog flooded my mind with memories of growing up on Green Mountain that I haven’t thought about in years, and even though reading about your beliefs now has taken some of the shine off of the memories of that innocent crush long ago, it is totally worth it for the entertainment value alone. Rage on Republican base, rage on!

conservoPUNK said...

Brian - how shallow my friend! My girlfriend and I go back and forth to determine if we are REP or Libertarians, as we are fairly socially liberal. I (unlike DEMS) champion INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY which means I support you as a gay man. I respect you even more for being out of the closet.

It is interesting to me that you would assume I would be anti-gay. What was your last name? Tony O

Brian said...

I just re-read them and I'm not sure where in my comments you got the idea that I assumed you were anti-gay, because I most certainly did not think that. If I did I would have never admitted to having a crush on you back in school, I know how sensitive homophobic people can be about that sort of thing and I’m not an “in your face” kind of homo that would enjoy that kind of feather ruffling…… well at least not when I couldn’t witness the red-faced explosive reaction.

Although it can be hard to separate them at times, I think I can for the most part tell the difference between an Evangelical and a good old-fashioned Republican and if I had thought you were the former I wouldn’t have commented at all because those folks are really scary.

Don’t get me wrong, while I applaud your ‘fairly socially liberal’ stance I still absolutely disagree with your politics. But I know the futility of trying to change someone’s viewpoints on politics so I never try, I am perfectly content just being secure in my own beliefs and enjoying what in my opinion is the entertaining viewpoints of the other end of the spectrum.

The only reason I left a comment is because I was completely shocked to realize that I knew you when I came across your blog. I had actually found it because I was searching for a funny line to use at the end of an email to a friend of mine, (we always end emails to each other with “funny things conservatives say” or “FTCS’s” from random conservative blogs, I know it’s childish and weird, but so are we). I had in the not so distant past used lines from your blog without knowing who you were, but then for some reason I was surfing the GMHS site a week or so ago and noticed that last year you had left a message on our class message board with your band’s myspace page, from there I noticed your personal myspace which had a link to your blog. Saying I was shocked to find out that this was your blog is a massive understatement, I literally almost fell out of my chair. And as I said before I was so surprised that these were your views now. I think I’m always surprised when I read conservative views, but I was really amazed that you thought this way. I’m not even sure why it surprised me, its not like I knew your views back in high school.

Well anyway, good on ya for having such strong beliefs and its been nice ‘catching up’ with you and seeing where you are now. Good luck in November!

PS: One thing I do have to completely agree with you on, however, is the fact that I really am incredibly shallow. I think you could accurately say that if still waters run deep, then I am whitewater.

Brian said...

Oh yeah, and my last name is Fulkerson

conservoPUNK said...

Thank you Brian! I am very glad you wrote back and read what I had to say too - I was afraid that you were going to leave a comment then not return and you would think I am this ULTRA Wacko Conservative guy. I am basically someone who really loves America and thinks we are lucky to be here. I voted for Clinton twice (and got shamed by him too) Then Gore, then Bush (no way in hell I would have voted for Kerry at that time). This time I am out in the cold as both DEM candidates are for massive GOVT programs and anti liberty, and McCain is a Liberal in a REP costume!! hope all is well. Jeff (LOG) Leinaweaver lives out there in Seattle someplace I think... Tony O

Brian said...

Oh no way! Your blog is way too entertaining to not come back to. I even printed out this post about “The True Bigots” and read it at a get together with friends last weekend. Its priceless and I’ll definitely be back often!

And btw, I think my memory is slowly opening up and dumping out things about you and one of the things that popped into my memory today was that we ran against each other for student council president in 6th grade. Seems like in my speech I promised lemonade in the water fountains or something. Even then I was campaigning with classic liberal something for nothing economics!! :) You beat me.

I remember being so relieved that you won since the only reason I was running was because Anna Loewin, who lived next door to me all through school, forced me to because she had been the student council president the year before. She used to get me to do all kinds of things. Like I said I was a pretty forgettable figure back then and part of that was because I never made waves, I just did whatever people wanted me to, and Anna took full advantage of that when we were young!

Wow!! Talk about a blast from the past. I can’t believe I even remembered that but today, all of a sudden, there it was.

PS: I do think you’re an ultra wacko conservative guy… ;)

Anonymous said...


I will always push you because you are so important and will always be!!! Gert knows how to reach me.


Anonymous said...

Also Brian:

I will always remember being your neighbor and even (perhaps, after this blog) your friend, even though you wrote:

"Anna Loewin, who lived next door to me all through school, FORCED ME to because she had been the student council president the year before. She used to get me to do all kinds of things. Like I said I was a pretty forgettable figure back then and part of that was because I never made waves, I just did whatever people wanted me to, and ANNA TOOK FULL ADVANTAGE of that when we were young!"

You were never an afterthought, forgetful or otherwise - you have been in my thoughts forever! I will NEVER forget you Brian - you are and will never be forgettable because you are my best friend, since we were 4 years old, regardless how we lived our lives.

However I know through our upbringing, that you, I, and others are not "forced" to do anything - we are masters of our destiny and will always be!

Brian, I LOVE YOU - no matter how forceful I may have been in our youth. Again, Gert knows how to reach me - you know the CO number.

I love you Brian! --Your forceful neighbor and friend...


PS - Gert and I are in your confidence.