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Mark Levin ROCKS!!!

11/13/06 Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin

Conservatives vs. Liberals

We keep hearing conservative, liberal. We keep hearing lectures about it and we should. But we really do need to understand the terms here. There’s a huge difference between conservatives and liberals.

You’re seeing it played out on television every night. With this detestable Carl Levin of Michigan with his spectacles at the end of his nose.


Somebody buy that man a pair of new glasses!

What is Conservatism? It’s not a political philosophy folks; it’s a life philosophy. Conservatives believe that each individual is unique. We believe that each individual is responsible for his development. We believe that family is the best support group for individuals. And we believe that private institutions like churches and synagogues, charities, private enterprises and so forth are best support group for families.

Conservatives believe, as did the Founders of the Declaration of Independence, that God is Supreme-not the government. Conservatives believe that God has given us natural rights, not the government.

Conservatives believe that a powerful centralized government such as ours, putting aside national security for the moment, threatens the individual, the family and private institutions. A powerful centralized government seeks uniformity and absolute compliance; it smothers individuality, family and religion. A centralized government seeks to play the role of God, through its abuse of laws and regulations, and the confiscation of redistribution of wealth.

Conservatives believe in the Constitution. We believe in Representative government as opposed to a judicial oligarchy or government by bureaucracy.


Conservatives believe in free political speech and the free exercise of religion. We believe in the right to bear arms. We believe in due process rights for American citizens and not terrorists. We believe in Federalism, the dispersing of power among the states. We believe in a colorblind society. We believe in low taxes and strictly limited spending. We believe in individual opportunity and merit.

Conservatives respect the private property and wealth of our fellow citizens. Just as it’s wrong for any of us to steal from our neighbors, it’s equally wrong to elect politicians who steal from our neighbors on our so-called behalf.

Conservatives believe in the greatness of the American people; their compassion; their honor; their inventiveness; their judgment. We believe that but for America, the world would be a dark, bloodthirsty, regressive place where tyranny would rule and humanity would suffer an unimaginable fate. And so we’re Conservatives. Proud conservatives.

Now what is Liberalism?

Liberals put a powerful centralized government before all else. Government exists to limit individual liberty, private property rights and religious freedom.

Liberals believe that the people are incapable of making the right decisions of their own so they empower undemocratic institutions to make decisions by fiat, such as the courts and federal agencies and the rest.

Liberals believe that Americans should be divided by color, by religion by sex and by income. Liberals seek to create jealousies among Americans and sic them upon each other in hopes of keeping them agitated and unfocused and distrustful and always wanting. And always a recipe for a more aggressive role for government.

Liberals are not satisfied with temporary power achieved through the
electoral process; they seek to create a permanent liberal agenda through the
courts, through the bureaucracy, through entitlements, through academia. They want an agenda immune from future electoral losses.

Rev Wright and BJ

Liberals create entitlement programs, not because they solve anything, but because they don’t. They seek to enslave large portions of the population, they call them beneficiaries and they seek to punish private enterprise by forcing private citizens to pay up or suffer the consequences. Liberalism isn’t a way of life, its away of controlling life.

Liberals believe Americans are selfish, stupid and dishonorable. They believe that people exist to be manipulated and to serve the state for some greater good.

Liberals believe that America is not a unique place; that the Constitution is an obstacle to their power and that to create a world order in which they rule supreme, America’s independence must be destroyed through places like the UN and through policies like open borders. They detest the American culture and they seek to destroy it.

So, they worked for America’s defeat in Vietnam, just as they’re working
today, right now, to defeat us in Iraq.

A weak America is exactly what they seek. The elites want us to lose this war. You can hear them since the election. The detestable Carl Levin tried to undermine Reagan; hoped that we would lose the Cold War; hoped that we would lose the war with the Contras down in South America; hoped that we would lose the war wherever we fight it.

Kennedy, the single biggest figure in undermining our efforts in Vietnam, cutting off funding to the South Vietnamese, enslaving millions of people. Hundreds of thousands were murdered after we left South Vietnam, millions in Cambodia and the man never blinked, his conscience never panged, he never gave it a second thought.

They say they care about casualties in Iraq. They didn’t blink when Mao Tse-tung murdered 60 million people or when Stalin murdered over 20 million people, or when Pol Pot murdered 2.5 million people or when the Rwandans murdered 800 thousand, they didn’t blink and they won’t blink if we’re forced to leave Iraq, if we’re forced to lose that war and hundreds of thousands of people are slaughtered in the streets, with their blood running through the sewers they won’t blink again!

That’s what they think about humanity. The elites in our country, they don’t give a damn!
Power. Pursuit of power. The maintenance of power. That’s all they want.

You think I am wrong? Listen to them! Do they ever speak of victory? No! They tell us
victory is impossible.

Well, that’s not the country I grew up in. The country I grew up in defeated the Nazi’s. The country I grew up in defeated the Japanese in WW II. The country I grew up in can defeat any entity on the face of the earth. This is the country that fought a hugely bloody
Civil War to maintain the Union and eliminate slavery. A country that survived it.
This is a country against all odds that beat the British in the Revolutionary war. This is the country that won the Cold War despite the same liberals trying to obstruct our efforts then as they seek to obstruct our efforts today. You see the common thread?

They want us weak, they want us defeated, they want the open borders, they want to tear down our churches and our synagogues. They want to eliminate the very values and traditions and institutions that have made America unique, that have made America strong.

And why? For the greater good, of course! For the greater good, that’s how tyrants always come to power. You see they represent the very people they seek to enslave. At least they claim to. That’s what socialism and communism and liberalism is all about. Enslavement of one form or another. Anyone dares to speak up against them, they seek to destroy them. Even in our own country, they seek the political heads of one Conservative leader after another.

Whether it was Ronald Reagan, they wanted him. George Bush, less conservative, but too conservative for them. They want them eliminated.

Trent Lott, Newt Gingrich. If they had their way, and one day they might, they’d throw these people in prison without the benefit of a trial. After all, the only people who get due process in their minds are the terrorists, not the Republicans, the terrorists.

Ladies and gentlemen, some of you are extremely frustrated and upset. I share it, I understand. But we have an opportunity in this country, its an amazing thing, when the country is turned this way, Conservatism has always been the answer. Always been the answer. Liberty is the answer, that’s why Conservatism is the answer.


The rule of law is the answer. That’s Conservatism. National Security, that’s Conservatism. Merit, that’s conservatism.

That’s why most polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans 60-65% view themselves as Conservatives. Because, they are God fearing people who believe in Liberty, who believe in working hard, who believe in keeping most of what you earn, and who believe in their family and who believe in the military protecting us and the police officers watching our streets. That’s who we are and that’s what we believe in!

But, that’s not what the Liberals are and it’s not what they believe in.

I would encourage so-called conservative leaders to start explaining the differences. It’s been a long time since a national leader has done that. It’s been since Reagan. Let’s be blunt. Let’s be blunt. We must be blunt if we are to recover. And we can recover, ladies and gentlemen.

Nancy Pelosi is a boob. John Murtha is a boob. Harry Reid is a boob. THEY’RE ALL BOOBS! We’ve overcome much worse than these boobs.

But we will fail. We will fail if we follow false prophets. We will fail if we go the road of weasel Republicanism, ACLU Republicanism. Where they spent the whole damn summer worried about terrorists’ rights.

I blame John McCain on that. There’s no question about it! How silly was that? Well what will the world think? Who cares what the world thinks?

While their trains are being blown up, we’re defending ours. That’s their problem if they don’t like how we behave during war. And Europe is in no position to lecture us, given what they’ve done to humanity over the last hundred years. But, I digress.

What do we see on the agenda today? Today? Increase them minimum wage. That’s the number one agenda issue. Where did that come from?

Open borders, as I said the other night. So, we’re going to increase the minimum wage for American citizens and no minimum wage for illegal aliens. Gee, who’s going to get hired? Do you think?

Everywhere I look, I see Republicans acting like cowards. Everywhere I look, I see fear in their eyes. No, not in the grass roots, but in the elected politicians.

I need a commission to give me advice on what to do with Iraq. We don’t need a commission. We shouldn’t fight compassionate wars. We should use overwhelming force as fast as we can to destroy the enemy. Destroy the enemies’ families if we must. Mark, you’re so horrible. No.

That’s the FDR doctrine; the Truman doctrine; the Lincoln doctrine; the Washington doctrine. That’s how you fight war. That’s how you fight wars. And I didn’t even need a commission to tell you.

The elites want us to lose, so they want you to believe that this is the bloodiest war we’ve ever fought. You know that’s not true.


Every American life is precious. You’d better believe it. And we’ve lost less that three thousand in three, three and a half years in this war. In context, those casualties don’t come close to any other major war we’ve ever fought. Or for that matter, any other major battle we’ve ever had.

And as some of my audience know from my being on the radio several years now, my grandfather fought at Iwo Jima and Guam. My great uncle fought at Guadalcanal. They told me the horrible stories. Many of your relatives can tell you the same thing if not you yourself. You may have experienced it.

But a great nation must have the will to defeat this enemy. All the clutter with these phony diversionary arguments being raised by the left and the left’s mouthpieces in the media that we shouldn’t be in Iraq, that we should be somewhere else. Well, where else should we be? In Iran? No. In Syria? They tell us, no. In North Africa, Somalia? No. Well, where are we going to fight this enemy?

Iraq is the front lines. Somalia is the front lines. These are the front lines of the war.

If we don’t have the will to take out an enemy that struck the heart of America, then we will be doomed. That’s why we must win back these offices and take back power.

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